Lean Development

Lean methodologies and tools adapted for industrial embedded development. Holistic approach on development organization, sourcing strategy & work flow in order to improve customer value, time to market, and profitability! Get going package with seminars & pilot study available.

A large part of Swedish industrial product companies have adopted Lean as a way of thinking and as a way of working. In production departments, Lean is influencing everything from organization to supply chain management. Step by step, Lean ideas are spreading to all parts of industrial organizations. Product development departments have started using agile project methodologies. Line meetings are scheduled with cadence and open communication in mind. A lot remains to be done though, in order to improve development processes and minimize waste.

What corresponds to JIT deliveries for a development project?

Completely Lean industrial companies are still nowhere to be found, at least not in Sweden. For a Lean development department, for instance, it is not enough to focus at organization and information flow through decision levels. Adopting Agile Methods like Scrum or XP (Extreme Programming) is a good step forward, but not enough either. Also, none of these methods were invented with embedded development in mind. As in production departments, the real cost reducer lies in continuously optimizing value flows through the process. It all begins with the realization that development is indeed a process, not a project! Eventually, Lean will affect everything, such as development project infrastructure investment decisions, choice of key financial ratios, reuse of design blocks, flexible platform strategies, and competence sourcing.

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