Xpress FPGA Platform

In order to facilitate low cost jump start of FPGA platform development projects for small and medium sized businesses, and to minimize work effort per project, Xelmo has introduced Xelmo Xpress Platform.

Xelmo Xpress is a configurable ready-to-run redistributable FPGA platform Solution. It may also be used as a basis for customer specific product platforms.

Key Features

  • Hardware, Electronics and Microelectronics, CPU, DSP, FPGA, and ASIC
  • Custom Combined Hardware & Software System on Single FPGA Chip
  • Scales from Low Cost to High End FPGAs and from Single Units to Large Volume
  • Run System Profiling & Optimize by Hardware Acceleration of Bottlenecks
  • Easy Custom Driver Development for Interfacing Own & Third Party Hardware
  • Possibility to Modify Hardware Interfaces to Match Existing Software
  • FPGA Tools Make Internal Buses, Signals & Structures Observable
  • Technology Flexibility Adoptable to Lean/Agile Methodologies
  • Loads of Available Building Blocks
  • Full Source Code Control
  • Useful Possibility to Move Functionality Between Hardware & Software
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