EtherCAT Demo

Single Chip EtherCAT Slave Solution

Demo Description

Two EtherCAT slaves implemented in Cyclone IV FPGAs and one EtherCAT master PC. Slaves are implemented on a TerASIC DE2-115 development board and a BeMicro SDK development board. A five-axis robot is connected to DE2-115 board via a custom I/O board. A SCADA demo application is implemented in Perl and GTK on the master PC, which uses Etherlab master stack to communicate with the EterCAT slaves. Robot is controlled via USB joystick connected to the master. Real time temperature is read from BeMicro SDK board and represented in SCADA demo GUI as well as on the DE2-115 slave LCD display. Various LEDs, switches and buttons on both slaves can be controlled from the PC.

EtherCAT Demo Overview

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