Axalon Video Broadcast Platform

Key Features

  • Arria II GX with 3G SDI capable high speed transceivers
  • Com Express or Qseven computer-on-module interface be able to support a range from Intel Atom to Intel i7
  • Flexible I/O configuration using FMC I/O modules
  • Memory structure suitable for video applications, regarding amount, latency and number of memory banks
  • Designed to fit 1U 19” rack units
  • FPGA IP for memory controllers, PCIe for communication with the CPU, and support for the FMC modules
  • Linux driver support for the COM’s


  • Video encoding / decoding (H.264/MPEG 4, JPEG2000, MPEG2 etc.)
  • Trans coding and multiplexing
  • Video Over IP / IP TV
  • SD/HD/3G/4K standards conversion
  • Scaling and Deinterlacing
  • Colour space / Up / Down conversion
  • Real time editing and special effects
  • Video keying
  • Broadcast monitoring / test and measurement
  • Image processing

Axalon broadcast platform targets HD/3G and emerging 4K and 3D technologies. Combining a CPU, an FPGA carrier board and a choice of FMC IO daughter cards, this dynamic platform offers both processing muscle and IO flexibility. The platform functionality is further increased by a form factor which allows two units to sit inside a single 1U 19” rack mount.

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